Services and fields of work

Our office provides multi-lingual (German, Farsi, English) legal services to clients from all over the world.

We advise and represent clients in the following areas of law: 

  • German Immigration Law
    • Schengen-visa (touristic/business/medical)
    • long-term stay visa and resident permits (e. g. for the purpose of family reunification, job seeker, high-skilled worker, self-employment, recognition procedures)
    • appeal procedure against visa refusal (Schengen Visa & National Visa)
    • apply for permanent resident permit
  • Citizenship in Germany

  • Professional recognition procedure
    • Recognition procedures for foreign physicians and dentists
  • Civil disputes in Germany 
    • purchase law (claim for and defence against warranty rights)
  • Defense in criminal cases in Germany

  • Car accident and injury law
    • claim for damages
    • compensation for injuries