Bahram Ardehali was born in Hamburg, Germany and studied Law at the University of Hamburg with a focus on Trade & Corporate Law. In 2010 he finished his legal education by passing successfully  the First State Examination in Law.
Hereafter he served his legal trainee-ship at the regional court in Kiel from 2011 to 2013 with stages in Kiel (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Brussels (Belgium) and Dubai (UAE). During this period, he served at the office of the district-attorney of Kiel/Germany in the Economic Crime Unit, at the permanent representation of Germany at the European Council in Brussels/Belgium and finally in German Law Offices in Hamburg/Germany and Dubai/UAE. Hereby Mr. Ardehali obtained substantial experience in the international and multilingual legal works.
In 2013 he passed successfully the Second Sate Examination in Law and was admitted to the Bar Association of Hamburg/Germany in May 2013 and works as an Attorney-at-Law based in Hamburg ever since. 
Mr. Bahram Ardehali advises and represent clients in Germany with a special focus on Immigration Law, Trade & Company Law, Traffic Law, Penal & Civil Law. 


- German
- English
- Farsi